*** Jazzy ***

pancarte-de-la-honte-jazzy (8)

Jazzy aime jouer dans les couloirs la nuit. Et le vôtre 😉 ?

« I’m Jazzy. I live on the 3rd floor. As my mummy and daddy let me play in the hall, one night I played alone without warning them, so a neighbor took me and kept me 24h. And, I hold it in to do my business! I was so happy to go home! »


*** Jazzy ***

pancarte-de-la-honte-jazzy (7)Jazzy rejoint la team des fouineurs de poubelles ^^

« My name is Jazzy and I like to rummage through the garbage can, especially the night, when mummy and daddy wake up, the house is dirty! And this morning, I attack the bathroom garbage. I put it every where! :p »